About the Conference


This interdisciplinary conference sets out to examine the interface between the women, subject and everyday life in contemporary India. A woman is a social being who experiences several inter-subjective relationships with class, caste, regional and socio-economic factors. Her frequent attempts at resistance take the centre-stage in the process of social reconstruction. This conference will also try to examine the gendered embodiment of the female subject in everyday life and how the gender identity is both constructed and lived by the women. The conference also seeks to explore women's experiences, self-expression and values and connects their lives as political actors and subjects. The conference would attempt to focus attention on the trials and tribulations faced by the woman subject in a patriarchal social order.

While we agree that it is critical to identify the nature and sources of women's resistance in various societies across the globe over time, it is also equally important to excavate those strategies that have contributed to women's liberation, well-being, health and opportunities in multiple contexts. This conference would try to resonate both Women's Studies Scholarship and activism in tandem.

There exists a burgeoning body of knowledge about women's conditions, both those which are unique to specific circumstances and lived experiences, as well as those that overlap across differences of women. This knowledge has impressed upon us the significance of Power, Resistance and Representation of Women in their Everyday lives. The conference would deliberate on the pathways forward for the contemporary woman..